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Innovative space we imagine and create together!
Welcome to INTERWAVE
The powerful technology begins with imagination and creativity.

We will be going with you so that our imaginations become reality in front of
us, we are making a value of life and our affluent technology with you.

Welcome everyone, who are visiting the Interwave’s homepage, the space full of imaginations and creativity.

Interwave aims to create win-win vision through which values can be shared with clients in the rapidly
changing environment. We are making every effort to make creative corporate culture in which
we can all imagine infinitely and see things differently, And this is becoming strong, unshakable source of technology that we seek.

Since its foundation based on faith and accompany of many people, Interwave has acquired independent technology and
experience through ICT and IOT convergence technology development project in IT sector, which is the generic technology of the 4th
industrial revolution. We have also developed and industrialized various General Utility Countermeasures Special Purpose that
requires high definition and high efficiency,and this in turn contributed in securing national defense technology.
In addition, Interwave has localized each basic technology in DWS system in logistics innovative technology sector,
getting the largest market share after competing against global companies.

Interwave will not stop here, and will seek mutual growth based on trust and cooperation with clients.
We will enjoy challenges for technology innovation and value creation,
also never stop putting efforts for securing of core technology and strengthening corporate competitive power.

Thank you.

Interwave Co., Ltd, President Shin, Dong-Hwan

Management philosophy

We are seeking powerful technology and striving for continuous and creative human resources training.
  • Future-oriented
    Core Technology
  • Customer-oriented
    Solution Research
  • Creation-oriented
    Human Resource
  • 품질시스템 강화 아이콘


  • R&D 역량강화 아이콘

    Research &

  • 서비스 체계 강화 아이콘

    Service System

  • 고객신뢰 강화 아이콘

    Customer Service

아래방향 화살표
Technology Leader
Customer Trust

Company history

  • High Speed DWS System
  • MFD(Multi Function Display)
  • OPA type Lidar Module
  • Portable PIMD measuring instrument
  • Expanded PIMD measuring instrument for 5G
Relocated a office
  • 2018.06Branch office
  • 2017.05Head Quarter
  • Logistics complex recognition system
  • W-Navigator
  • Realtime wireless voice transmission equipment
  • Military LTE terminal platform
Opened a branch office
  • 2015.06Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea
  • LTE broadband transmitter-receiver and frequency synthesizer
  • AFE Module of Digitial Receiver in 701 work
  • Wireless channel environment measuring device for
    test use of electronic warfare device
  • HF receiver for TICN business
  • PIMD(Passive Intermodulation) measuring instrument
  • RF electronic warfare technique equipment
  • 2013.02Daejeon, Republic of Korea