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General Sector

We are securing various developing experiences and technology in mobile transceivers, signal measurement
analysis device, real-time wireless voice transceiver system and Lidar sensor system,
based on Digital/RF signal processing technology.

Measurement Equipment

Signal Generation
  • Device that generates continuous or single frequency and waveform signals required for operation and testing of various communication circuits.
Signal Analysis
  • Equipment that measures various characteristics of signal. It is equipment, which mainly observes the waveform of signal in the time domain and power spectrum of signal in frequency domain.

LiDAR System

LiDAR 시스템이미지
LiDAR(Light Detection & Ranging) System
  • System that senses characteristics of such as distance, direction, speed, temperature, distribution of matters and concentration based on sensed data from measuring distance and observing remote entities using light sources and receiver. It is the most representative technology out of all technology required for vehicle’s autonomous driving.

Sound System

Real-time Wireless Voice Transceiver System
  • Wireless audio system where there are no cable connections between transmitter and receiver, unlike wired microphone system.
  • It has various advantages, including all channels can be used at the same time across the world, the same frequency can be used regardless of locations of use, no interference with TV networks and easy set-up and use, unlike traditional analog audio system.


LiDAR Sensor
  • System that can sense distance, direction, speed, temperature, distribution of matters and concentration, by analyzing pulse laser information being reflected back from target.
  • Recently, it has been spotlighted as core sensor in autonomous driving, as LiDAR can acquire 3D images of small targets if radar can measure distance from the target quickly. Other than that, it can be also utilized in various areas, including remote control, motion recognition, aerial survey, atmosphere remote sensing and weather monitoring.
Ultrasonic Sensor
  • System that measures object’s existence, distance, speed and etc. by analyzing ultrasonic wave pulse which is discharged and reflected back from the object. It is mainly applied to system that determines existence of object in short distance.